JOBZ Tax-Free Development

Minnesota’s Job Opportunity Building Zone (JOBZ) initiative provides substantial tax savings through local and state tax exemptions to qualified companies that start up or expand in targeted areas of Greater Minnesota. The program promotes development in places that are already poised for business growth and have adequate infrastructure in place.

TAX FREE Opportunities in Northeastern Minnesota

Under the Minnesota Job Opportunity Building Zones (JOBZ) program, 34 communities, 58 sub-zones on 3,271 acres across northeastern Minnesota have been given this special designation. A wide variety of industrial sites and existing buildings in this area offer growing and expanding businesses the opportunity to substantially benefit from tax exemptions until the end of 2015. Jobs must pay a minimum of $11.21 per hour including benefits to be eligible.

Tax exemptions include: State income tax for operators or investors, property tax on commercial and industrial improvements, state and local sales tax on goods and services purchased, state corporate franchise taxes, wind energy production, and employment tax credit for high paying jobs.

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JOBZ Calculator

Please enter basic information about your business’ potential facility to receive a confidential estimate of tax savings possible with the JOBZ program. Enter all fields to ensure the most complete estimate.

You can either choose a specific location or use the Greater Minnesota average for business costs. If you are interested in researching a specific location, please visit for qualifying communities and their available JOBZ properties prior to using the calculator.

Note that JOBZ Calculator data is not saved and is only used to generate tax savings estimates from locating in JOBZ zones. Actual savings will depend on actual business activities inside and outside a zone. This calculator assumes that your potential facility is eligible for benefits under the JOBZ program. To explore further how your business may benefit from JOBZ, contact a Business Development Specialist.

Click here to access the JOBZ Calculator to determine how the program may benefit you.
How does JOBZ save you money?

JOBZ tax incentives will reduce company expenses, increase competitiveness, and help sustain further growth and expansion in Glyndon, Minnesota:

Tax Exemptions:
*Minnesota Corporate Taxes (income tax, alternate minimum tax, minimum fee)
*Minnesota Individual Taxes (income tax on investment income, alternative minimum tax)
*Sales and Use Tax
*Most Property Taxes (except for land, general obligation bonds, and school operating levies in place prior to zone designation)
*Minnesota capital gains taxes for duration in JOBZ
*Wind Energy Production Tax